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Often when we think of induction loops, we might think of banks, reception areas and places where members of the public go for help or advice. Most likely because that’s where we often see the sign informing us that these essential services are installed, but in fact induction loops can and do exist in many other places, serving a much wider variety of situations.

In meeting rooms and conference facilities, they can empower everyone to engage, to voice opinions and to get the very most from their meeting or function, whether that’s a smaller intimate meeting where ideas are exchanged in a casual, relaxed way, or much larger conference facilities where delegates are addressed en masse, induction loops can and do still serve an incredibly important purpose.

Some meeting rooms are never the same on any two days, they can be set up in many different ways depending on the number of attendees or the needs of those using the meeting room but generally the layout is much different from those bank counters and reception areas where we most often see induction loops in use. That can also mean the induction loop that so many people with a hearing impairment rely on needs to be different too.

Setting up induction loops for meeting rooms, conference facilities and spaces where numbers of people gather together is a different and slightly more complex undertaking than installing in a smaller space and relies on the use of an induction loop amplifier.

These amplifiers can be used to power anything from a small, intimate meeting room to the largest conference and banqueting hall. Often the amplifier is mounted close to the sound source which might be a podium or stage from which the speaker addresses the audience; they can decrease the background noise, allowing the user to hear clearly what is being said.

Portable induction infra red loop systems are ideal for smaller or medium sized rooms, enabling anyone with a hearing aid within the ‘looped’ area to benefit from the system, these portable kits contain their own amplifier and a range of different microphone options such as boundary, tie-clip or a hand held mic, giving the widest possible choice and the best possible service.  Portable induction infra red loop systems are also ideal if confidentiality is required as they create an excellent user experience whilst maintaining privacy and confidentiality, such systems are often used in courthouses and private meetings.

There are a range of other options, such as assistive listening devices which are useful for cutting out background noise, sound induction systems that can be accessed by telecoil hearing aid equipment and signal enhancers for extending the effective range of an induction loop system.

Whatever your meeting or function room requirements, getting it right is vital. That means choosing the right system for you, professional installation and thorough testing to ensure every single aspect works as it should when it should…

At Clear Audio Systems we can offer the help and advice you need, get in touch to find out the best options for you, your meeting rooms and most importantly: the people who use them.