Induction Hearing Loop Systems

Clear Audio Systems portable induction loop systems are an assistive listening technology for individuals with limited or reduced ranges of hearing. But how many of us know exactly what that means and what portable induction loop systems actually do?

Clear Audio Systems are leaders in induction loop technology having installing induction loops within concert halls, ticket kiosks, high-traffic public buildings auditoriums, places of worship, courtrooms, meeting rooms, supermarket check outs and even individual homes and offices.

Our British made induction loops consist of a physical loop of cable or an array of looped of cables which are placed around a designated area, usually a room or a building or a counter at a bank or a train station for example.

Wherever you see the induction loop sign, people who have a hearing impairment, and have the use of a hearing aid that is compatible, can use the system to enable them to hear clearer and more intelligible speech from their hearing aid.

Our Induction Loop Systems

Portable induction loop system

The Clear Audio Portable Induction Loop is a transportable loop system suitable for small to medium sizes meeting rooms.

Induction loop amplifiers

Induction Loop Amplifiers are used to power anything from the smallest counter system to a stadium sized loop.

Assistive listening devices

The Clear Audio assistive listening devices are designed specifically with the hearing impaired in mind.

Sound Induction Systems

Providing a magnetic field that can be tapped into by telecoil enabled hearing aids.

Signal Enhancers

Loop systems rely on electromagnetic fields to transmit sound waves to a telecoil enabled receiver.

Sennheiser hearing loops

high fidelity audio products such as microphones, headphones, telephone accessories and hearing enhancers.

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