Induction Loop Systems

What is an induction loop anyway?

Sometimes known as an Audio-Frequency Induction Loop or a Hearing Loop:

Basically they are an assistive listening technology for individuals with reduced ranges of hearing.

Here at Clear Audio Systems we have typically installed Loops within concert halls, ticket kiosks, high-traffic public buildings auditoriums, places of worship, courtrooms, meeting rooms, supermarket check outs and individual homes and offices.

A hearing loop consists of a physical loop of cable or an array of looped of cables which are placed around a designated area, usually a room or a building or a counter at a bank or a train station for example.

The cable generates a magnetic field throughout the looped space which can be picked up by a hearing aid.

Where the logo at the side of this text is shown, it informs people who have a hearing impairment, and have the use of a hearing aid, that a system, (the Induction Loop System), can assist them to receive much clearer and more intelligible speech from their hearing aid than the conventional internal microphone within the hearing aid.

All they have to do is switch their hearing aid to the ‘T’ position, as denoted on the Loop in use sticker or sign. This is usually achieved by means of a small switch on their hearing aid. Once in the ‘T’ mode the user can then receive the sound generated by the Induction Loop System.

Contrary to popular belief, the operation & use of an Induction Loop System is not likened to Rocket Science! People who wear hearing aids can suffer from difficulty in distinguishing speech when subject to certain circumstances.

This would normally be as result of how the hearing aid works. Within the hearing aid there is a small very sensitive microphone that picks up sound from all around the hearing aid user. This is not ideal if you are trying to have a conversation on a one to one basis, or are trying to listen to only one sound source such as a lecturer giving a presentation, etc.

Where the Induction Loop System can benefit the hearing aid user is when, as described above, the hearing aid user switches the aid to the “T” (telecoil) position. As this switches off the internal microphone, (some aids have both an M&T position, which allows both [M] microphone & [T] Telecoil to operate), it then allows them to pick-up the signals only transmitted by the Induction Loop.

What You Need

Loop Amplifier:

  • CLD101: Clear Audio Systems Ltd own designed and developed Induction Loop Amplifier, this module is ideal for desk and counter areas.
  • CLD102: Our larger more powerful amplifier for larger environments.


  • PZM101: Clear Audio Systems Ltd own designed and developed microphone which is idea for a glass mounted environment.


  • Again, our own designed and developed standard microphone which fits most of the day to day needs, robust and simple to install.

Antenna: FKK101:

  • Clear Audio Systems Ltd own designed and developed Antenna (sometimes known as an Ariel).


  • Need help or not sure! At Clear Audio Systems we have a technical team who have a vast amount of experience which you can call on anytime.


  • Our experienced technical engineers are able to install, test, commission and certify your induction loop making sure that your customer gets the best experience possible.


  • We highly recommend that you enter into a Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) scheme with Clear Audio Systems Ltd, we can make absolutely sure that your induction loop get the care and maintenance required to keep up with the DDA act.