Hearing Loop Systems in Church

Hearing Loop Systems in Church
Installing Hearing Loop Systems in Churches

Clear Audio have installed numerous hearing loop systems in churches and places of worship.

We understand that no two building are the same especially historic ones.  We start by carrying out a full survey of the building.  From there our team will make recommendations on the most appropriate equipment to suit the needs of your worshippers and what will actually work most effectively within the building itself.

Many of the churches we have worked with are listed buildings therefore during our site survey will also take into consideration how any cabling would run throughout the building by having an impact on the internal architecture and aesthetics.

Once the survey has been done, we would present a proposal for installing the hearing loop system, where hearing air users can enjoy services through their hearing aids by simply setting them to the T position. The hearing aid then picks up the sound through the loop system, meaning wherever hearing aid users sit in the congregation they can hear the service throughout.

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Hearing Loops for TV

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to hear your own TV. The Clear Audio hearing loop can help solve this.

Hearing Loop Systems in Church

We understand that no two churches or places of worship are the same, so we carry out a full survey of the building.

Lecture Theatre Audio Systems

With universities and college lecture theatres being housed in a variety of buildings, old and new.

Complete Hearing Service

One in 6 people in the UK have hearing loss, therefore it’s important (and a legal requirement) that businesses and organisations make themselves accessible to them.

Concert Hall Audio Systems

Clear Audio have installed hearing loops in a variety of concert halls and auditoriums. Our hearing loops allow hearing impaired guests enjoy performances in an easy, no fuss way.

Loop Systems in health and social care

Induction loop Systems in health centres are essential in health centres and social care settings. We would work with your facilities team and carry out a full survey of your building.

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