Speech Enhancement

The Clear Audio Speech Enhancement system is designed to ‘electronically’ assist in replacing the loss of sound created by glazed panels between clients and staff in environments such as banks or post offices etc.

The system consists of speakers and a microphone on each side of the glazed panel. In some cases, a combo unit can be used on the staff side, where the speaker and microphone are ‘combined’ in order to increase performance and also reduce the space required at the counter side.

The system operates in ‘Duplex Mode’ which means that it allows the conversation to be heard 2 ways without any switching disruption, similar to a telephone, therefore allowing the conversation to have a normal flow.

The system has been specifically designed for environments such as a bank or post office where there is a glazed panel between the clients and staff and is not a public address system.

During your Clear Audio Site Survey, we will establish the specification of the equipment required for that particular space. Specifying specialised microphones / speakers and calculating the placement of these items used are the key elements to successful operation and performance of the Speech Enhancement System.

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Speech Enhancement

Speech Enhancement

The speech enhancement system consists of speakers and a microphone on each side of the glazed panel.

Speaker Voice Enhancement

Our speaker voice enhancement system consists of a set of speakers & microphone on both sides of the ‘physical’ barrier or glass.

Vocal Enhancement Systems

Vocal Enhancement Systems have been designed and manufactured to meet the needs of clients who have a Glazed Screen to protect their staff.

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