About Clear Audio Systems

Clear Audio Systems was established in 1993 by company Chairman Tom McGregor when he identified a need for speech enhancement equipment when visiting a branch of his local bank.  This started a 25-year journey, along with fellow company director Martin McCloskey, in the development of speech enhancement equipment.
This involved commissioning St Andrews University working in the development of the speech enhancement equipment, which was originally known as CLAUDE – Clear Audio Equipment, or as it is now known – Clear Audio Systems.
From there, Tom approached an engineering company, Marconi Civil Products in Dalgety Bay to manufacture the electronics required for the system.  This was where he met Martin, who was paramount in building the systems and from there the company has never looked back.
The Clear Audio Systems team have been at the forefront of speech enhancement systems and induction loop expertise from the development of the initial technology 25 years ago, to the systems you see in your banks and shops today.
Our products are designed and built in the UK.    With our 25 years’ experience in the speech enhancement systems, we consider ourselves to be the market leader in the technology.   We are customer driven, finding solutions for businesses who wish to make their customer experience for the hearing impaired as good as it possibly can be.


Initial Concept & Contact with St Andrews University. Tom McGregor files UK Patent for Speech Systems


Marconi Secured as Production Manufactuers and Licensed to Commercialise


Patents Granted in USA, Canada & European


‘‘Audio Rail’’ Concept Designed


Claude Systems Incorporated. John Logie Baird Award for Innovation – Highly Commended


Benefits Agency Rollout of over 400 Audio Rails


Disability Discrimination Act Passed


Claude Counter Induction Loop Launched


Claude Portable Induction Loop Launched


Claude 2100 Speech Enhancement System Launched


Halifax Program Rollout


Disability Discrimination Act Revised


Clear Audio Systems Secure Large NHS Contracts


Secured East Midlands Trains & Rollout Ikea Contract

Our Induction Loop Systems

Portable induction loop system

The Clear Audio Portable Induction Loop is a transportable loop system suitable for small to medium sizes meeting rooms.

Induction loop amplifiers

Induction Loop Amplifiers are used to power anything from the smallest counter system to a stadium sized loop.

Assistive listening devices

The Clear Audio assistive listening devices are designed specifically with the hearing impaired in mind.

Sound Induction Systems

Providing a magnetic field that can be tapped into by telecoil enabled hearing aids.

Signal Enhancers

Loop systems rely on electromagnetic fields to transmit sound waves to a telecoil enabled receiver.

Sennheiser hearing loops

high fidelity audio products such as microphones, headphones, telephone accessories and hearing enhancers.

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