Speech Transfer Systems

COVID-19 has bought with it a whole range of changes to the way we all live our daily lives, changes that were necessary and changes that have helped us return to something a lot closer to normality.

But not for all of us, not yet…

The reason is that for many, the widespread use of safety screens combined with face coverings have created impossible communication barriers for people who are deaf or live with some form of hearing loss.

The simple solution is the installation of a speech transfer system, yet many outlets, many work spaces and services are still to address the issue.
While it is understandable that the logistical challenges of making our premises, services and properties safe to use have taken a great deal of time and resources to put in place. Keeping them as inclusive and compliant as they were should now be a real priority.   Speech transfer systems will do just that.

What is a Speech Transfer System?
Simply put, a speech transfer system enables effective two-way communication for an individual with a hearing impairment. Such vocal enhancement systems achieve that by providing a microphone and speaker for both the hearing aid user and the person with whom they are communicating. The microphone is connected to a hearing loop and facilitates simple communication through protective barriers and safety screens.

Access and inclusivity for everyone
Face coverings, combined with safety screens are something that many of us find reassuring and in many settings are even compulsory. Yet even for those of us without hearing loss, it can be incredibly challenging to make ourselves understood and to hear what is being said to us.

For those with any form of hearing loss that challenge is far greater. Muffled speech, blocked sound and the inability to physically see the face and mouths of those we need to talk to all combine to create a situation where communication is impossible. Plus, not everyone with a hearing impairment uses a hearing aid with a loop setting.

At Clear Audio our vocal enhancement systems feature independently adjustable controls for both the client and staff sides of protective screening, delivering maximum flexibility and the widest possible range of applications.

Impartial advice and the best support
Typically, our vocal enhancement systems feature all cable connections on one single face of the unit, making the equipment flexible, simple and quick to install.

Here at Clear Audio Systems, we are happy to offer help and advice from the very start of your planning and decision making process. If your service, your business or your premises are looking to install or expand your speech transfer systems in places like front of house, reception areas or at information desks and till areas, we are happy to help you find the right solutions.

At Clear Audio Systems we have been providing solutions for businesses who want to communicate with their customers as well as possible for as long as the technology has been available.

Speech Enhancement

The speech enhancement system consists of speakers and a microphone on each side of the glazed panel.

Speaker Voice Enhancement

Our speech enhancement system consists of a set of speakers & microphone on both sides of the ‘physical’ barrier or glass.

Vocal Enhancement Systems

Vocal Enhancement Systems have been designed and manufactured to meet the needs of clients who have a Glazed Screen to protect their staff.

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