Induction Loop Amplifiers

As the main component of any induction loop system. Induction Loop Amplifiers are used to power anything from the smallest counter system to a stadium sized loop. The induction loop amplifier is usually mounted on a wall closest to the sound source such as a stage or podium where the speaker is standing. The Clear Audio Induction Loop amp (EL1) is often installed in shops, schools, churches or any other public place where the clarity of sound may be distorted by background noise.

As one of our key amplifiers we recommend this for smaller areas such as a small desk, counter or reception areas etc. For larger areas we would suggest a Portable Induction Loop with an infra-red system.

How do they work?

Induction loop amplifiers contain advanced audio signal processing which helps to improve vocal and speech intelligibility. The induction loop essentially allows a hearing aid user to listen to a single sound source without any background interference.

With the Clear Audio loop system, the sound source stems from a TV or microphone which is then driven through the loop amplifier and then, instead of being broadcast through loudspeakers, is fed into an induction loop. This loop would normally be positioned around the edge of a room; however, a smaller portable loop can also be worn around the neck of the receiver.

Through the use of a loop signal generated by the induction loop amplifier, an individual wearing a hearing aid can tune in to the sound source either through an integrated telephone coil or by an induction loop receiver.

All of the Clear Audio induction loop amplifiers are fully compliant with the relevant standards and come with full warranty.

Portable induction loop system

The Clear Audio Portable Induction Loop is a transportable loop system suitable for small to medium sizes meeting rooms.

Induction loop amplifiers

Induction Loop Amplifiers are used to power anything from the smallest counter system to a stadium sized loop.

Assistive listening devices

The Clear Audio assistive listening devices are designed specifically with the hearing impaired in mind.

Sound Induction Systems

Providing a magnetic field that can be tapped into by telecoil enabled hearing aids.

Signal Enhancers

Loop systems rely on electromagnetic fields to transmit sound waves to a telecoil enabled receiver.

Sennheiser hearing loops

high fidelity audio products such as microphones, headphones, telephone accessories and hearing enhancers.

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