Portable Induction Loop System

The EL1 fixed induction loop (hearing loop) system

  • Fixed induction loop located on desk or counter
  • Installation by Clear Audio team or supplied with comprehensive installation instructions
  • Microphone and antenna are in a fixed location
  • A great end user experience as there is no compromises in performance
  • This unit is discrete – the majority of it being under the desk or behind the reception area
  • Mains powered
  • Long service life

Our Portable Induction Loop is a transportable loop system suitable for small to medium sized meeting rooms and will enable any hearing aid wearers within the looped area to benefit from the system.

The loop kit is supplied in a portable carry case with a built-in amplifier which creates the actual ‘loop’.  Depending on your requirements we can offer a number of choices for microphones including:

  1. a handheld microphone

  2. a tie-clip microphone

  3. a boundary microphone

  4. a combination of the above

Where confidentiality is required we would recommend a wireless ‘infra-red’ loop which also creates a good user experience.

If you’re not sure exactly what your requirements are, get in touch and we can provide a free consultation and assessment of your business needs.

Portable induction loop system

The Clear Audio Portable Induction Loop is a transportable loop system suitable for small to medium sizes meeting rooms.

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