Hearing Loop Systems

Hearing loop systems are a special type of equipment used by people who rely on hearing aids to communicate with others. Hearing loop systems provide a completely wireless magnetic signal which users can pick up when their hearing aids are set to the telecoil (more commonly known as the ‘T’ setting).

Hearing loop systems typically comprise of a microphone to pick up what is being said, an amplifier which then processes the sounds and the loop cable which is carefully placed around a desired area. That might be a solitary reception counter, a till or counter all the way up to much larger spaces such as theatres, churches and conference facilities. In these larger a hand-held or lapel fitted microphone can be used by the speaker or a line out connection is used for spaces where sound is broadcast such as cinemas. This loop cable acts as an antenna, emitting the magnetic signal which is then picked up by the user’s hearing aid.

Hearing loop systems carry a range of benefits, they are inconspicuous and need no receivers or headsets as the sound is carried directly to the user’s hearing aid. It is also a cost effective system that several users can benefit from at the same time and is simple to use for both parties…

Hearing loop systems also greatly reduce the levels of background noise and other distortions that reduce quality of sound if installed and maintained correctly.

Professional installation based upon on-site survey findings can ensure your hearing loop system is installed with the minimum of fuss and disruption and will serve you well into the future. To ensure your system keeps on providing the best possible service we recommend our annual hearing loop system maintenance check which includes a complete equipment check, location check and full report outlining any requirements or recommendations.

If you have an existing hearing loop system, our Clear Audio Systems induction loop tester team can carry out a full on-site survey of your existing equipment, again with recommendations for improvements and upgrades.

For more information, help and advice on hearing loop systems contact our friendly and knowledgeable team on +44 (0) 1383 820011 or via our contact us page.

Our Hearing Loop Systems

Portable hearing loop system

The Clear Audio Portable Hearing Loop is a transportable loop system suitable for small to medium sizes meeting rooms.

Hearing loop amplifiers

Hearing Loop Amplifiers are used to power anything from the smallest counter system to a stadium sized loop.

Assistive listening devices

The Clear Audio assistive listening devices are designed specifically with the hearing impaired in mind.

Sound Induction Systems

Providing a magnetic field that can be tapped into by telecoil enabled hearing aids.

Signal Enhancers

Loop systems rely on electromagnetic fields to transmit sound waves to a telecoil enabled receiver.

Sennheiser hearing loops

high fidelity audio products such as microphones, headphones, telephone accessories and hearing enhancers.

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