Assistive Listening Devices

The Clear Audio assistive listening devices are designed specifically with the hearing impaired in mind.

Our assistive listening devices are often used to enhance hearing in crowed places such as churches, theatres and lecture halls, where it can be hard for an individual with hearing difficulties to distinguish between background noise and the sound of a speaker.

Hearing aids are great for processing and amplifying sound, however sometimes the sound can already too distorted by all the background noise by the time it reaches the listener. This is when the use of one of the Clear Audio assistive listening devices can help the user greatly.

Types of assisted listening devices

There are many different types of ALD’s (assisted listening devices). We offer a wide range of devices that work in conjunction with, or instead of a hearing aid, in order to produce a higher clarity of sound. Typically, our assisted listening devices can be broken down into 2 main categories, which are described as follows:


Clear Audio Loop devices use electro-magnet fields to transmit sound via a telecoil circuit. Individuals wearing telecoil equipped hearing aids can pick up the signal directly through their hearing aid, however, those without telecoil enabled hearing aids can still receive sound through the use of a special receiver and headphones.

Infrared Devices

Infrared devices use light-based technology that transmits sound via invisible beams of light. One of the benefits of using infrared ALD’s is that the sound is contained in one room as the receiver has to be within direct line of sight of the transmitter, however, it also means that they can’t be used outside due to interference from sunlight. Infrared systems are commonly used in places like courtrooms or business environments where confidentiality is a necessity.

Portable induction loop system

The Clear Audio Portable Induction Loop is a transportable loop system suitable for small to medium sizes meeting rooms.

Induction loop amplifiers

Induction Loop Amplifiers are used to power anything from the smallest counter system to a stadium sized loop.

Assistive listening devices

The Clear Audio assistive listening devices are designed specifically with the hearing impaired in mind.

Sound Induction Systems

Providing a magnetic field that can be tapped into by telecoil enabled hearing aids.

Signal Enhancers

Loop systems rely on electromagnetic fields to transmit sound waves to a telecoil enabled receiver.

Sennheiser hearing loops

high fidelity audio products such as microphones, headphones, telephone accessories and hearing enhancers.

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