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The Equality Act (2010) which replaced The Disability Discrimination Act meant that practically everyone in the field of employment, education, land and property rental and services or facilities had to place much greater focus on equal rights for those with a hearing impairment. For those charged with the task of bringing older buildings in to a much more modern and inclusive age, there were a whole host of challenges and none more so than in some of our most treasured and inspiring buildings; our nations churches and places of worship.

Churches and cathedrals represent the very best of many things, architecture, music, incredible atmospheres and places of congregation and worship. Making them accessible to more people by installing induction loop systems has always been vital, yet it often represents a unique challenge. Modern buildings are much more easily adapted, and new buildings can be designed from day one with all the accessibility adaptations they will ever need. Churches and places of worship are different in many respects; they are often preserved, listed buildings and maintained with immense care. As such any modern additions to such places must be planned carefully and installed professionally, to minimise impact, ensure compliance and to guarantee an induction loop system that works perfectly and is easy to use…

At Clear Audio Systems our range of assistive technology helps you to achieve just that. Assistive listening devices are often used in crowded situations where it may prove challenging to hear an individual over a crowd. We also supply induction loop amplifiers and portable induction loops with infra red systems, suitable for anything from a single reception counter to the largest cathedral.

We have gained a wealth of experience over many years of installing audio induction loops for churches and places of worship, enough to respect the fact that no two places are the same and each needs its own bespoke survey before working with you to solve your congregation’s needs with an audio induction system that works exactly how you need it to and has minimal impact on the building itself. A great deal of our installations have been in listed churches and places of worship, so the utmost care is given to working with our clients closely; planning cabling and keeping the impact to internal architecture to the absolute minimum.

When your survey is complete our proposal will be presented for installing exactly the sort of system that would be best for your worshippers, no jargon and no baffling technical talk, just honest and open help and advice; to empower all of your congregation to experience every positive aspect of their time in your church or place of worship. Simply by turning their hearing aids to the ‘T’ position, wherever they choose to sit and whenever they decide to attend.

Our specialised venue surveys are completed without obligation so please feel free to get in touch to learn more