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At Clear Audio Systems, our products and technology have come a long way since our inception in 1993 and so has society. In just over a quarter of a century, legislation governing equality and diversity along with changes in the ways that people perceive what ‘disability’ actually is means that we all now live in a society that is more inclusive, with the bespoke and cost effective solutions available to ensure it.

For those charged with the task of shaping our environment, the facilities we use and the buildings in which we live, work and spend our leisure time, it is vital to understand the factors that affect the ways people hear in their day to day lives. Hearing loss combined with poor facilities is a major contributor to this and bespoke solutions, whatever the environment represents 100% of what we do at Clear Audio Systems.

Breaking down those barriers faced by hearing impaired people is vital to create a sustainable, inclusive space. It also helps those with non hearing impairments too, when all too often communication is hampered by glass security screens and other physical barriers. Our Clear Audio Speech Enhancement System was designed to overcome this very issue and our Induction Loop Systems communicate directly with hearing aids as worn by the user, in whatever type of building they might be…

Historically induction loops and hearing aids could cause trepidation and confusion amongst non hearing impaired people but the reality is not complex. Inside a hearing aid is a very sensitive microphone, picking up sound from all around. This is great for some situations but not when the individual wishes to have a one to one conversation or focus on a single sound source in an environment with a lot of background noise. Induction loops can solve this if installed and used correctly; all the user needs to do is to turn off that microphone by switching their hearing aid to the ‘T’ position, allowing their equipment to pick up the signals transmitted by the induction loop’s magnetic field and nothing else.

The thing that is absolutely vital here is the location, type of microphone and antenna used by the induction loop system. Whether it is wired or infra red system and whether it is installed in a room where people gather together, or a private or confidential room, there are a range of options and pitfalls. Getting it right at the earliest possible stage is incredibly important and Clear Audio can advise on the most appropriate systems, as well as train and empower those who design the places in which they will be used with the important CPD skills they need to get it absolutely right for everyone.   A member or our team would be happy to run a hearing loop CPD session at your offices.

We offer a full testing, commissioning and certification service as well as bespoke consultancy across all types of systems such as infra red audio transmission, speech enhancement systems and counter induction loops.

Get in touch today to learn more about what we do, our hearing loop CPD and how we can help you to create inspiring, inclusive buildings and services for everyone.