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If you or your business provide or rely on hearing loops for individuals with hearing problems then you might be forgiven for thinking that you are well on the way to providing the best possible services for those with a hearing impairment. Everything is compliant and your specialist equipment is a great part of an inclusive, positive policy and to a degree you would be right.

A hearing loop is of course a fantastic service to provide, but the potential doesn’t stop there, it goes beyond the customer experience. Hearing loop testing is not about maintenance for the system itself; that is another service that Clear Audio Systems provide. Output testing does something a little different; something that can have a massive impact on both the quality of the audio output itself and something that can empower you or your staff to experience what it feels like to be on the other side of the loop, by giving you the ability to hear the output as the user themselves would…

That of course has incredible potential for staff training, but it doesn’t end there, hearing loop testing also pinpoints sources of potential interference, identifies faults with the system, records the output of the system itself and can check the coverage and spill of your induction loop system.

Output testing can achieve all those things before that vital moment when the loop is used by someone who relies on it, if there are problems at that point then it’s already too late…

The hearing loop receiver is the piece of equipment that makes it all happen, emulating the performance of modern hearing aids switched to the ‘T’ position. For those in charge of maintaining, managing and installing hearing loops and the buildings or facilities where they are to be fitted, output testing ensures the loop is working optimally, offering you and your team the chance to experience the system in a way that will raise awareness and ensure your service goes that extra mile.

For more information on Clear Audio Systems induction loop output testing, staff training and installations or upgrades; contact us and a member of our team will be in touch in the near future.