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Ask any number of people who depend on hearing aids and they will tell you that the times when they rely on them the most are those times when they need to do the things that the rest of the (non-hearing impaired) world might well do without a second thought…

Retail ticks that box for one very good reason; everyone shops, be it for food, clothes or an electrical product in need of urgent replacement. That makes hearing loops for retail premises an important and inclusive part of the service they offer.

Hearing loops for retail shops allow direct communication between staff and customers and facilitate interaction and the exchange of information in a way that is both discrete and accessible, allowing conversation in noisy environments and ultimately; satisfied customers and a consistent level of service from the retailer.

Retail environments however, pose a unique range of challenges for hearing loop systems. The ambient noise levels in a busy retail environment and distances between the listener and sound source can both vary significantly. Factor in large open spaces, complex architecture, metallic building materials, background music interference and public address systems and one thing becomes very important:

Hearing loops for retail need careful thought, professional advice and experienced installation, by people with a wealth of specialised experience working with some of the biggest names on the High Street. Induction loop systems also need regular site surveys and maintenance checks to ensure the best functionality of your equipment and to pre-empt any issues caused by changes to store layouts.

The retail industry relies so much on the meaningful relationships between the retailer and their customers, so it’s just as important that an equally strong partnership exists between the retailer and the specialists who fit and maintain their induction loop systems. There is a lot to get right and important choices to make for an efficient, solution that is bespoke to a particular environment.

Clear Audio systems offer the widest possible range of induction loop systems for the retail environment. From portable induction loop systems located at desks and serving counters and the right induction loop amplifiers, to assistive listening devices, sound induction systems and sound enhancers for visitors and meetings. Clear Audio also offer support at every stage, from hearing aid loop design and installation through to testing and ongoing maintenance.

Clear Audio has been a pioneer in the field for 25 years, playing a key role in driving the technology forward, from its infancy to the systems you see in shops and banks today. For our partners in the retail industry that means systems that are discrete, equipment with a long service life and for you; a service that delivers the very best end-user experience with no fuss and no compromise.

For more information on induction loop systems, amplifiers and how your retail premises can be compliant and inclusive, get in touch today.