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We are often asked “What are the true costs of a hearing induction loop?”   Well if you look at the lower end of the market, the answer to that question might appear to be ‘not much at all’ and to some degree that is true…

However it is also worth noting that much better quality induction loop and speech enhancement systems have never been more affordable. Since their inception around 25 years ago, the technology is now at the point where evolution of design, combined with newer materials and technology has empowered manufacturers with an ability to offer equipment that performs exactly how you need it to, when you need it, at a fair price.

But that is only one side of the coin because, like so many other things in life, there is also the choice to purchase cheaper and vastly inferior products.

These systems might seem too good to be true, they might proudly exclaim to be so simple to install that you can do it yourself. Those savings may be considerable but then again that could be due to poor quality materials and unreliable design.

Hearing induction loops are installed nationwide now, thanks both to legislation and forward thinking, inclusive policies, in everywhere from banks and building societies to churches, hotels and shops.

Each and every one of those places provides some form of service to the people who pass through their doors, a service upon which their reputation depends. With a cheap, low quality hearing loop, that service and reputation could be jeopardised.

In other words the cheapest  hearing induction loop systems can all too often be the ones you end up paying the most for…

Instead, why not choose a market leading specialist, with fair pricing and maintenance packages to suit your budget?  An organisation with the skills and knowledge to provide a system tailored to your very own space, one which will run correctly and will include all the specialist advice and ongoing support that you and your service users will ever need.

So many things can affect the efficiency of an induction loop system as invariably things will change over time. Desks and offices might relocate, buildings themselves might change and all those things can have a serious impact on the sensitive electronics that are a vital part of your induction loop system.

With Clear Audio Systems you get a partner, a group of like-minded professionals who want exactly the same for your service users as you yourself do. We have done just that for the last 25 years and we know what makes the very best hearing loop and speech enhancement systems because we’ve been right there since the start, developing the technology and driving the changes that have brought about the best systems of today.

All of our products are designed and built in the UK and all combine our ethos of providing the very best equipment at a price that is fair…

For more information on induction hearing loops, amplifiers and how your premises can be compliant and inclusive, get in touch today.