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Since our inception back in 1993, Clear Audio Systems have always strived to be more than simply a company who provide speech enhancement equipment. We have worked closely with St Andrews University in the research, development and improvement of the technology available. We have also sourced the very best engineering companies to craft the electronics that drive the quality of our equipment and spearheaded the ongoing evolution of induction loop systems and speech enhancement systems.

Our ethos has remained unchanged, from back when the technology was in its infancy a quarter of a century ago, to the systems we are used to seeing and using on High streets and in services across the country today.
Bearing all those things in mind, it is with considerable pride that we have been awarded membership of the International Hearing Loop Manufacturers Association.

This prestigious industry body acts as an authoritative voice to government, legislators and advocacy organisations and provides information, help and advice to facilitate the promotion of hearing loop technology. They also present statistics and act as a technical centre for excellence, defining the very best standards and codes of practice for our industry.

Membership of an organisation of this calibre is dependent on a number of factors which we are delighted to have met. Their code of conduct includes recognition of our responsibilities to ensure the provision of a genuine benefit to end users, full compliance with relevant performance standards and accessibility legislation. Membership also depends upon the active promotion of good practice across everything we do and engagement with others in our field including audiologists, charities and government agencies to promote the principles and benefits of hearing loops and speech enhancement systems.

For us as an organisation, our award of membership to the IHLMA is the perfect affirmation that our ethos, ever since those early days back in 1993 has set us upon and kept us on the right track. Our goal; to provide the best possible access for those with hearing impairments in both public and private environments and to recognise the positive impact that might have, is one that is shared by The International Hearing Loop Manufacturers Association.

Not only does our newly awarded membership give us an immense sense of pride, it also renews our vigour to continue driving the standards, the technology and the levels of service we have provided for the last 25 years to new heights. We cannot wait for the next 25 years and everything that they might bring, for us as an organisation and for those who depend upon our services.