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The time has finally come when retail and businesses can begin the careful task of reopening their doors to customers and service users across the country, as we start to take our first tentative steps towards a more normal day to day life.

We are told to expect things to look a little different as we all venture out to enjoy the things we took for granted just a few short months ago. But for a massive portion of our society and local communities those differences have the potential to be obstacles that simply cannot be overcome.

As a result they risk being left isolated, unable to access important services or to have the same opportunities as their neighbours, friends and families.

For many of the 12 million people in the UK living with some form of hearing loss, the now widespread use of plastic protective screening is causing serious and significant communication problems…

Whilst we all welcome these measures, aimed at keeping us safe from the spread of COVID-19, many business are installing them with no thought towards their impact on those with hearing loss. All too often they are installed without speech enhancement or speaker voice enhancement systems.

Combine this problem with guidelines surrounding the use of face coverings, taking away another vital communication skill in lip reading and it is easy to see why this new normal, for those with any form of hearing impairment is difficult at best, often downright impossible.

We all realise these are difficult times but we simply can’t afford to isolate those most vulnerable in our communities by making it impossible for them to communicate effectively at a time when doing exactly that is really important.
Shops and businesses of course have a wealth of things to think about in order to ensure their facilities and premises are as safe as they can possibly be. But can we really afford to place the needs of those with hearing loss so far down on that list?

The answer of course is a resounding ‘No’…

At Clear Audio Systems our speaker voice enhancement technology is designed to improve listener experience for the 1 in 6 of us affected by hearing loss. We have designed them for especially for staff working behind plastic protective screening. The systems consist of a set of speakers and microphone for both sides of the partition. In some cases we might recommend a combo unit, used on the staff side where the speaker & microphone are ‘combined’ in order to increase performance.

Our system is easily installed, designed to offer maximum performance and greatly reduced feedback. Like every other UK business we have been working around the clock to make sure our service is safely delivered and accessible at a time when it is needed the most.

We are here to make sure you get the support you need to create a safe and inclusive service for everyone, with help and advice, hassle-free expert installation at a time that suits you and the very best after-sales care.

Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help