portable hearing loops

Generally speaking there are two variations of portable induction loop systems, the Portable Room Loop and the Portable Integrated Loop System, best known as a ‘Transportable Loop System’

Portable Room Loop

Portable Room Loop Systems -‘Transportable Loop Systems’ are suitable for medium sized meeting rooms. Any hearing aid wearers within the looped area can benefit from the system. The Loop Kit is supplied in a strong durable carry case with a built-in amplifier and a reel of loop cable to create the actual ‘Loop’. There are numerous choices of microphones depending on requirements. (i) a handheld microphone (ii) a tie-clip microphone (iii) a boundary microphone, or a combination of each.

There are system variants where confidentiality is required and these employ the wireless ‘Infra-Red’ principle, these are very effective in use, and are strongly recommended by Clear Audio Systems in most cases to ensure a good user experience, with no trailing cables as a trip hazard to worry about around the room.

Portable Integrated Loop Systems

There are a plethora of Portable Induction loops with an amplifier and integrated loop combined for counters areas, reception areas, desks and so on, there are even Loop Amplifiers contained within clipboards.

Clear Audio Systems do not in the first instance recommend Portable Loop amplifiers, as the end user never really gets an acceptable experience. This is due to the way in which the Loop System is often deployed / used. Tom McGregor, the founder of Clear Audio Systems Ltd, has been a hearing aid user for a substantial part of his life. His personal experience and our ‘out in the field’ reports back from users often have poor opinion of the systems in use. This is when the system has eventually been located, and then often found to have a flat battery.

Caution should be applied when purchasing one of these devices to ensure best user experience, and compliance.

We are always happy to advise clients on what type of system they should best use for their application area to maximise the hearing aid user’s experience.