Induction / hearing Loop Systems For Retailers

At Clear Audio Systems we are specialists in the installation and maintenance of hearing / induction loop systems for Retailers, shops and warehouses across the UK

Clear Audio are experts when it comes to the installation and maintenance of induction loop systems for retailers of all sizes. We can help you communicate with your customers in the clearest possible way. Are installations are carried out using the highest quality equipment and our installations are completed by experts within the industry.

Hearing Loop Design & Installation Services For Retailers

  • Retail Site survey
  • Design of the installation
  • Installation of retail induction loop equipment
  • Commissioning & training on the use of the system
  • Maintenance services and consultancy services

Our experienced technical engineers INSTALL, TEST, COMMISION and CERTIFY induction loop systems in schools throughout the UK

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A site survey may be required to assess the environment and determine the most effective use of the audio equipment.

The site survey is to assess:

  • How to use the retail premises to ensure maximum effectiveness and communication.
  • Assess the dimensions of the working area.
  • Determine if the room is static in nature or will be likely to change.
  • The presence of any equipment / infrastructure that may interfere of change how the induction loop is installed such as underfloor heating.
  • Determine any equipment in the location which potentially may receive interference from the induction loop system.
  • Possible locations of wiring.
  • Microphone positions to ensure effective, crystal clear communication.

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